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Licensed Careers by Titles

Choose a license title for more details.

Acupuncture Practitioner
Acupuncture Registration
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) Registry
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) Verification for DEA Number
Agricultural Liming Material License
Aircraft Dealer's License
Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC) -Temporary Permits
All-terrain Vehicle (ATV) Dealer License
All-terrain Vehicle (ATV) Manufacturer License
Alternative Pathways to Teacher Licensing
Animal Chiropractic Registration
Animal Exhibition Permit
Apprentice Plumber Registration
Apprenticeship Registration
Approval of Practical Nursing Programs
Approval of Professional (Registered) Nursing Programs
Archaeological Fieldwork
Asbestos Contractor License
Asbestos Inspector Certificate
Asbestos Management Planner Certificate
Asbestos Project Designer Certificate
Asbestos Site Supervisor Certificate
Asbestos Worker Certificate
Assessor Certification: Various Classes
Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
Athlete Agent Registration
Athletic Trainer Registration
Backflow Prevention Certification
Bail Bond Agent
Barbers and Barbershops: Various Classes
Boat Dealer License
Body Art Technician Licenses
Boiler Engineer: Ten Classes
Border State Registry
Boxer License
Boxing/MMA Officials/Corner License
Broker's License to Represent a Distillery, Winery or Importer
Broker's Salesperson's Identification Card
Building Mover License
Bullion Coin Dealer
Catastrophe Adjuster Registration
Certified Building Official, Certified Building Official Limited, Accessibi
Certified Interior Designer (CID)
Certified Pipelayer
Certified Pool Operator Certificate
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Certified Tree Inspector
Chiropractic, Doctor of
Closing Agent License
Commercial Animal Waste Technician (CAWT)
Commercial Aviation Operators License
Commercial Driver's License (CDL)
Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Hazardous Materials Endorsement
Commercial Driver's License (CDL) School Bus Endorsement
Commercial Feed License
Commercial Feed License: Pet Food Manufacturing, Distributing and/or Guaran
Commercial Mechanical Control Permit
Commercial Pesticide Applicator License
Construction Contractor Registration
Controlled Substance Researcher
Cosmetologist Individual Licenses, Salons, Schools
Crane Operator Certification
Crop Hail Adjuster
Debt Management Services Provider Registration
Debt Settlement Services Provider Registration
Dental Assistant
Dental Guest Licenses
Dental Hygienist
Dental Therapist / Advanced Dental Therapist
Dietitian License
Distributor of Lawful Gambling Equipment
Education Sponsor/Provider Coordinator Approval
Electrical Contractor Class A
Electrical Contractor Class B
Electrical Installer Class A
Electrical Installer Class B
Elevator Contractor
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Registration
Environmental Health Specialist/Sanitarian Registration License
Equine Teeth Floating
Exporting Minnow Dealer
Financial Counselor or Planner Disclosure Document
Fire Protection Managing Employee Certificate
Fire Protection Sprinkler System Contractor License
Fire Protection Sprinkler System Designer Contractor License
Fire Protection Sprinkler System Limited Contractor License
Firearms Training Certification
Fireworks Display Operator Certification
First Responder Registration
Fish Packer License
Fish Vendor
Food Broker License
Fur Tanning and Dressing License
Graduate Preceptor Registration (GPP)
Grain Buyer's License
Hair Braiding Registration
Hearing Instrument Dispenser Certification
Hearing Instrument Dispenser Trainee
High Pressure Pipefitter (HPP) Contractor
High Pressure Pipefitter (HPP) Journeyman
Home Care
Independent Examiner Registration
Insurance Adjusters
Insurance Agent
Insurance Agent (Line item for Bailbondsmen)
International Fish Buyer -Retail
International Fish Buyer -Wholesale
Investment Adviser
Investment Adviser 2
Investment Adviser 3
Journeyman Electrician Class A
Journeyman Electrician Class B
Journeyman Elevator Constructor
Journeyman Plumber License
Journeyman Sprinkler Fitter Certificate
LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) Inspector Permit
Lake Superior Fish Buyer -Retail
Lake Superior Fish Buyer -Wholesale
Land Surveyor
Land Surveyor In-Training
Landscape Architect
Lawyer Registration
Lead Inspector License
Lead Project Designer License
Lead Risk Assessor License
Lead Sampling Technician
Lead Supervisor License
Lead Worker License
License to Buy or Sell Wild Ginseng
Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC)
Licensed Firefighter
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC)
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
Licensed Psychologist (LP)
Limited Journeyman Sprinkler Fitter Certificate
Limousine Service Permit
Livestock Dealer License
Livestock Dealer's Agent License
Lobbyist Registration
Maintenance Electrician
Malt Beverage Importer's License
Managing General Agent
Manufactured Home Dealer License
Manufactured Home Installer
Manufactured Home Limited Dealer License
Manufactured Home Manufacturer License
Manufacturer of Wine License
Manufacturer's License for Lawful Gambling Equipment
Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT)
Master Bear Hunting Outfitter
Master Electrician Class A
Master Electrician Class B
Master Elevator Constructor
Master Plumber License
Mechanical Contractor Bond
Medical Gas Certification Registration
Micro Brewery License
Milk and Cream Grading and Tester License
Minnesota Brewer's License
Minnesota Doula Registry
Minnesota Food Certified Manager (CFM)
Minnow Dealer -Exporting License
Minnow Dealer License
Minnow Hauler -Nonresident
Minnow Retailer
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Combatant License
MnDOT Landscape Specialist Certification
Mortuary Science (Mortician) License
Multipurpose Potable Water Piping System Installer Certificate
Multipurpose Potable Water Piping System Journeyman Certificate
Naturopathic Doctor Registry
Non-Resident Frozen Food
Noncommercial Pesticide Applicator License
Notary Public Commission
Nursery Stock Grower Certificate
Nursing Assistant Registry (NAR)
Nursing Home Administrator
Nutritionist License
Occupational Therapy (OT) Practitioner / Occupational Therapy Assistant (OT
Pawnbrokers Code of Conduct
Peace Officer License
Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Certification
Pesticide Dealer License
Pharmacist License
Pharmacist Preceptor Registration
Pharmacy Intern Registration
Pharmacy Technician Registration
Physical Therapist Assistant License
Physical Therapist License
Physician (Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.
Physician Assistant License
Pilot/Escort Driver Certification
Power Limited Technician
Private Detectives License
Private Pesticide Applicator Certificate
Professional Engineer
Professional Soil Scientist
Promoter License (Combative Sports)
Protective Agent Escort Services Only License
Protective Agent Services License
Public Health Nurse Registration Certificate
Racing Class C License (Occupational)
Racing Licenses -Various
Raw Fur Dealer
Real Estate Limited Broker
Real Estate Salesperson; Real Estate Broker
Real Property Appraisers -Various
Registered Accounting Practitioner (RAP)
Registered Nurse (RN)
Rehabilitation Counselor for the Blind
Resident Closing Agent
Resident Frog Dealer (Take, Possess, Transport, Sell)
Resident License to Purchase, Possess and Transport Frogs
Residential Mortgage Education Course Approval
Residential Mortgage Loan Originator License
Residential Mortgage Originator or Servicer License
Residential Roofer
Respiratory Therapist (RT) License
Retail Food Handler Licenses
Satellite Systems Contractor (SSC) License
School Administrative Licenses
Securities Agent, Securities Broker-Dealer
Social Worker License (Various Classes)
Soil Scientist-In-Training
Speech-Language Pathologist License
Spoken Language Health Care Interpreter Roster
Sprinkler Fitter (Journeyman) Certificate
State Court Interpreter -Spoken Language Certification
Taxidermist License
Teaching License, Various Types
Teaching Licenses: Special Permissions
Technology Systems Contractor
Testing Agent Authorization
Traditional Midwife License
Type II Landfill Operator or Inspector Certificate
Type III Landfill Operator or Inspector Certificate
Type IV Waste Disposal Operator or Inspector Certificate
Unlicensed Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practitioners
Unlicensed High Pressure Pipefitter (HPP) Registration
Unlicensed Individual (Electrical Worker, Elevator Constructor and Power Li
Unlicensed Individual -Plumbing Registration
Unlicensed Mental Health Practitioners Requirements
Vendor Company/Vendor Representative/Vendor Employee
Viatical Settlement Broker
Viatical Settlement Investment Agent
Wastewater Operator Certification
Water Conditioning Contractor
Water Conditioning Installer -Journeyman
Water Supply System Operator Certificate
Wells and Borings: Bored Geothermal Heat Exchanger Contractor
Wells and Borings: Dewatering Well Contractor License
Wells and Borings: Drive Point / Dug Well Contractor License
Wells and Borings: Elevator Boring Contractor License
Wells and Borings: Explorer License (Exploratory Borings)
Wells and Borings: Monitoring Well Contractor Registration
Wells and Borings: Pump Installer License
Wells and Borings: Screen & Pitless Contractor License
Wells and Borings: Well Contractor License
Wells and Borings: Well Sealing Contractor License
Wholesaler's / Manufacturer Salesperson's Identification Card
Wholesaler's / Manufacturer's Intoxicating Liquor License
Wild Rice Dealer License
Wild Rice Harvest License
Wine and/or Distilled Spirits Importer's License
X-ray Equipment Operator Test