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Pathways in Manufacturing

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Health, Safety and Environmental Assurance
Workers who ensure that workplace equipment is being used safely; plan for new production safety processes; conduct and implement health and preventative safety and/or environmental incident and hazard investigations.
Logistics and Inventory Control
Occupations related to the maintenance and transportation of raw materials and finished parts inventories. Includes moving raw materials to the production line, unloading trucks with raw materials, wrapping pallets of finished products for shipment, and communicating with traffic managers.
Maintenance, Installation and Repair
Occupations involved in preventive maintenance procedures for machines, tools and equipment. Includes troubleshooting and repairing computerized, electrical, electronic and mechanical systems.
Manufacturing Production Process Development
Workers responsible for product design and design of the manufacturing process.
Occupations related to the making or assembling of electronic parts, constructing or assembling modular housing, performing welding jobs, or printing various materials.
Quality Assurance
Workers who assure that standards and procedures are adhered to and that delivered products or services meet performance requirements by monitoring and maintaining the quality of parts and manufacturing processes.