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Dream Jobs

Have you imagined being a chart-topping singer, professional athlete, or crime scene investigator? What will it take to turn your dream job into reality?

Professional Athlete

Think you're destined to be the next Lindsay Whalen or Adrian Peterson? First, add up all the people you know who have the talent and drive to go pro. Multiply that by every community in the United States.

While gaining fame and fortune through sports is possible, the reality is that it's highly unlikely. Check the numbers for yourself:

Sport High School Players College Players Drafted To Pros*
Basketball (boys) 545,844 17,500 1.2%
Basketball (girls) 438,933 15,708 0.9%
Football (boys) 1,108,441 67,887 1.7%
Baseball (boys) 471,025 31,264 11.6%
Hockey (boys) 36,912 3,944 1.3%
Soccer (boys) 398,351 22,573 1.0%

*Percent of college athletes drafted to professional teams. Source: National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

Celebrity Musician

Think you've got "the voice" or want to be the next American Idol? Not every singer got his or her start by entering a contest. However, check out the odds of making it onto these popular TV shows for a new perspective on your chances of making it big:

Singing Competition # Finalists Your Odds*
The X Factor 12 3,549,999 to 1
American Idol 24 1,774,999 to 1
The Voice 48 887,499 to 1

*Odds based on 42.6 million U.S. adult and children's chorus members. Source: Chorus America survey of adult and children's chorus members
Sources: Season 11 of American Idol; Season 2 of The Voice; Season 1 of The X Factor

Dreams to Reality

Still interested in pursuing your dream job? Think about:

  • Competition. People of all ages and from other states compete for limited openings.
  • Job Quality. Many entertainment and media-related jobs are part time or contract (temporary) positions. Some have low wages and odd work schedules.
  • Work Duties. The tasks of popular careers are often different from what you see on TV.
  • Related Careers. Many jobs are related to these popular careers such as managers, trainers and technicians.

Discover the realities of working in your dream job by doing an informational interview or other work-based learning experience.


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