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Employers say candidates need more training in basic job application and interviewing skills.

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"I'll just comment that we are seeing a decline in the interview skills. We are able to knock a lot of applicants out just by talking to them for a few minutes because they aren't showing up in a professional capacity. They are not able to answer questions coherently in some cases. I mean, some of their skills are really poor. And we get the feeling that—in the LPNs specifically—that they are coming in with attitude of, 'You need me.' And it's almost this entitlement. It's really getting very apparent, in our world anyway, at our facility, that they don't even know what they are doing to get the job. And then we are seeing an increase in complaints from them after the interview because they didn't get the job, and are not able to understand why. I field those calls on a weekly basis." Central
"I think they need to be trained on how to interview, how to answer interview questions. It's very frustrating to me to ask very simple questions and I don't get an answer. So, I think learning how to be a professional and how to present yourself, how to sell yourself, how to market yourself, is very important. I can't tell if a candidate is good or not by the way they interview anymore because most of them won't answer the question. 'Give me three reasons why I should hire you.' It's, 'Oh, I don't know.'" Northeast
"I've been involved with quite a few of our schools here in helping with panels or going and talking to students about what they should say in an interview and those types of things. If it's a mandatory class where they have to sit there and listen, well, half of them listen. But if it's something that they offer through career services, you find that a lot of people aren't interested. You'll have a few people who show up in a suit and they're ready to interview, but most of them just don't participate. So, I don't understand—if they think that there's going to be such a shortage in some of these areas—why they don't try harder? Or if they just aren't interested in learning? But you do find that. I think the schools are trying, but I just don't know that there's a lot of participation." Northeast
"There is one qualification to working in health care that we have not talked about yet and that is criminal backgrounds. Make your students aware that what seems like a simple thing—like writing a dishonored check—will get them disqualified from working for seven years in a long-term care facility and probably other facilities as well. As we are facing economic challenges, sometimes we make an honest mistake in our checkbook. But that can really count against them for a long time." Southeast