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All employees need strong multitasking and time-management abilities as workloads and/or caseloads increase.

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"I have the same thing. I have a memory care unit. I have 49 apartments. That's one nurse per 49 dementia patients. It's kind of the same thing, its case management, like home health care. It's case management. You are on your own. You have to figure it out. You don't have that nurse next to you that you can ask, 'What can I do?' I can't do that when I'm case managing by myself." Central
"Employer 1: Back to the question of, 'In three years, which skills do you want to see people coming in with?' Another respondent mentioned the multiple morbidities. I think that if students were to get better skills while in school for managing multiple morbidities, then they would be a little more confident in their job skills when they get here. And another thing that we haven't talked about yet today is managing chaos effectively. An acute care nurse will have two to four, maybe six, patients on their care load. My nurses will have 28. That is a chaotic eight-hour shift. And if you are not able to keep all of those balls in the air you are going to go nuts.

Employer 2: The ultimate multi-tasking.

Employer 1: Yes. And it's really a skill. Some people do it really well, and some people can't."
"On the lab side, one thing that we're seeing is that they don't have the ability to multi-task. You'd think they'd be trained to do that. Our laboratory environment is high-pressure—we've got a lot of computers, a lot of the instrumentation, and a lot of demands to move quickly. Turnaround time is important. It seems like—until they reach the point where they can understand their role and they're able to function—that the environment causes them a lot of stress." Metro
"I've been in health care a long time, and things sure have changed in the last 30 years for the nurses and what they are supposed to be doing. A lot of what we're doing is covering ourselves via paperwork so we don't get sued. And the new regulations require a lot of paperwork. Nurses don't have as much time at the bedside. They have time pressures that they may not have had even ten years ago. So, they need time management skills and maybe a dose of reality as to what it's really like. I assume they get some of that through their training, but time management training would be helpful." Southeast