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Students need to be trained on the financial aspects of health care to better understand reimbursement and how their health care decisions will financially impact the system.

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"I would like to comment that there's no financial training whatsoever. You know, I'll have a bachelor's or master's level RN come work for me, and there has been no talk of budget, no talk of finance, no talk of reimbursement, no talk of how health care is actually financed." Metro
"I think even education on how organizations are reimbursed these days, different government programs, just so people understand what they're getting into. Because the money's not just going to keep on rolling in no matter what kind of care we give. We get graded on these kinds of things. And so, I think, it should be very open and transparent that it's a different environment now, for nurses and for everybody in health care. And I think the more information people have, maybe as part of their program about that, they can look at themselves and say, 'I can work with that,' or, 'I can't work with that, so maybe I should do something else.'" Northeast
"Employer 1: Do students come out of school understanding fiscal responsibility? Do we need more of that? Is that a baccalaureate level or master's level skill? Or do you need LPNs to understand that, too? They need to understand how their choices affect the bottom line.

Employer 2: Well, they're going to hear about it. I mean everybody does. It's everybody's responsibility. And we do expect them to know more about that now, I think, than when I started 11 years ago. I think they still could be a little more in tune with that; I'm not sure that they are. Because nurses don't want to hear anything about budgets. They just want to know about patients. That's getting a little bit better, but we're trying to get rid of the waste in our systems and if they could understand a little bit more about finance maybe they would understand why certain things happen."