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For current training, employers tend to prefer hiring external trainers. Some employers also use simulators or internal mentorship programs.

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"We provide the education and all the new equipment. For re-certification they might have to do some on their own, but we do provide a lot also." Central
"Most of the re-certification is done by having so many hours over a two-year period. So, it's not a specific class that you have to attend." Central
"Employer 1: It's always easier when you bring a speaker in, or our own in-service director, to provide the training because we save on the travel time. And maybe they can work part of their shift instead of being off all day. Our staff doesn't want to take a whole day to go somewhere else if that's not their regular scheduled day. That's another thing.

Employer 2: That's very costly because you are paying them to go somewhere, you are paying their mileage, and you are paying the person that is replacing them on the floor."
"Employer 1: In order for that nurse to keep her certification, her license, she has to have that. Why can't we move to having some type of a test-out process, so that they don't have to sit there for two hours listening to somebody talk or go through some computerized training program to get that information? Can we develop a test-out system where it saves us the dollars, and they don't have to sit there, but we still have the competency that we need?

Employer 2: There are some web test-outs that you can do, some web training. 'Infection control' happens to be one of them. The individual just goes online and tests out. But it still takes about an hour to do it."
"We're doing the same thing with our staff, too. Because—again it's a mix—but the younger staff have the technology skills and they help the older staff with that. And then the older staff will say, 'Come here, I'm going to teach you how to help someone who is dying.' So, you know, it is nice as long as you have that kind of mix. Although, sometimes, you don't always get that. And we're offering classes now—for Microsoft and the computer stuff—that's away from the floor. And they get paid to attend. Some classes they're getting paid for as soon as they can facilitate getting used to that." Northwest
"We have hired outside organizations to come in and teach. And we've sent out surveys asking, 'Where do you need help?' Or, 'Do you understand PowerPoint? Do you understand Excel? Word documents?' That type of thing. And we just contacted outside sources to come in and offer training to help." Northwest
"[MnSCU college] has got this simulator and that's helping. And their coming out to us is good.

I think if we brought together nurses of like-sized organizations—they're all kind of doing the multi-tasking of what the RN was traditionally doing years ago—and had a camp with using that equipment that that might be even better than coming out strictly to our organization. That's not to say it shouldn't be done in our organization as well, but something a little bit more intense, if you will."