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Several respondents are very positive about the quality of applicants that have seen recently.

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"I have this program of new grads, a specific program, and we hire 'x' a year. And I just got done interviewing last week. For eight positions, I had over 200 applicants. And we didn't advertise this beyond posting it on our website for 14 days. The candidates were amazing, just amazing. Their passion was unbelievable. They are sincere, and they're good people. They're nurses. They're so excited. I also want to say I think their experiences—so many of them have traveled abroad with the school and have worked in other cultures, which is fantastic. Also, they've started certification processes. I mean, they've got it above and beyond. I was joking. I said, 'I'm so glad I'm not graduating now because I'd never get hired!' I mean, they volunteer and are involved in so many things." Metro
"The schools are getting these young people, students, new grads, who come out for the profession, and they come in with a great work ethic and attitude, and that's refreshing." Metro
"I've had some two-year RNs that have interviewed very, very well. I've had some four-year degrees that have not. Some of it is personality. Granted each person is different—whether they're outgoing or not—but the basic nursing skills and technical skills, I think, are done very well at all the schools." Northeast
"I see some extremely smart applicants. And you can tell that they are coming out of programs where they were completely chosen for that program, which is just great. I used to feel sad that they came in with so little clinical experience, but I've gotten over that—that's just an end of an era." Northwest
"You know, with 77 employees, there are going to be frustrations all the time. But, bottom line, absolutely every family will send me notes, or will stop me in the halls, or will make phone calls to say, 'Your staff is wonderful.' And, I have to believe that the family is being honest and true. So, am I expecting too much of this staff? Not necessarily." Northwest
"I think they're doing a great job at the technical level." Northwest
"I'd like to point out positive things that we've seen with our new grads coming out from laboratory—they do understand that they are doing a service to patients and they do understand teamwork. I think that's one of the big things—we're seeing more collaboration in our laboratories on the team. We have seen our new grads being good at working with that team concept. I think that goes along with the conflict resolution and how to communicate on a one-on-one basis—rather than letting a problem build steam and then having to be dealt with." Southeast