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Schools need to continue recruiting students into the health care field, particularly for long-term care positions, CNAs, LPNs, and PAs.

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"Kind of a side note, I have a child that's a junior and she has a desire to go into the medical field. She's talked about being a nurse or a doctor. And I said, 'Well, what about a nurse practitioner?' And she asked, 'What's that?' She had no clue. And so, when you are talking about recruiting and educating at the high school level, I don't think they get a lot of information on that because she didn't have a clue. I actually called a hospital to see if she could shadow to see what it was." Central
"I think that's one of the things maybe the colleges could help with—in terms of identifying who may have an interest in long-term care nursing. It really is changing. It's not, you know, the traditional setting of the 1970s. It's sub-acute. It's like a medical-surgical unit. It's fast-paced. We need someone who can multi-task and who can be very organized. In terms of the colleges, they could offer more or suggest more people go into long-term care for their preceptorship. Or encourage people to look at that as a possible career, not just as a stepping stone." Metro
"I agree that we might be in a little bit of an oversupply right now, but I think we should—in Minnesota—continue keeping our programs filled because there's waiting. I mean, you have to have almost a 4.0 to get into the program, at least up in Fargo, for some of the BSN programs. And I think we need to not close any of those slots." Northwest
"Help market the CNA as a career, and make those courses available often and regularly. And really promote them from a marketing stance to encourage young people.

Question: As a career?

Employer: Absolutely. To step into that field. And maybe it is their career or maybe they advance on through, but that it's an honorable career path. Even to a mature worker that could...

Question: Right. I think sometimes we only market to the people that are at the beginning of their careers, and there might be somebody like me who could be a great CNA.

Employer: We would love to see mature workers enter the workforce."
"I want to follow up on the comment about the K-12. We just called a school principal and the social worker that helps the students with their career development, and they're totally unaware that in long-term care we can actually reimburse people as they move from nurse's aide to LPN and as they go to school to become an RN. The state reimburses us to pay for that education. I think there is a huge need to communicate to our education system the opportunities." Southeast
"We're starting to work with a local high school about trying to do some type of youth leadership or youth program, just to have another way to help them become aware of health care careers so that they're thinking about it." Southeast