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Step 2: Explore Careers and Education: MyMnCareerPlan

Discover career pathways and careers that might be a good fit for you.

The good news is that you don't have to know exactly what you want to do. Colleges and employers do want you to have some sense about what you've thought about and what you've done to explore your future.

In this Explore Careers and Education section, you'll get online resources to look deeper at careers that may interest you. And, you should look at education and training options such as college, trade school, apprenticeship, and other options.

Explore Careers

You are not limited to careers or jobs that you've seen from your neighbors or family. There are many careers available to you. Look at what fits you and also things like wages and what's in-demand now and in the future.

Start with the career clusters that matched your assessments in Step 1: Assess Yourself. Track the information about careers you are exploring in your MyMnCareerPlan Workbook (405KB, .pdf).

There are several wages to research careers:

  • Career Clusters
    Your interest assessment showed you career clusters that may fit you. Look into some individual career titles within these clusters. You'll learn what the jobs looks like, what they pay, required skills, educational requirements, and other information.
  • Career Pathways
    Career pathways allow you to search careers that are grouped by educational requirements. You'll see a map of some typical entry level jobs within a pathway and then some related careers that you can get with more education.
  • STEM Skills and Experience
    What do video game designers, robotics technicians, and baseball statisticians have in common? They involve skills and training in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). STEM skills and experience will benefit you in any major or career path you are exploring.

Explore Education and Training Options

The truth is whatever careers and jobs you are interested in, you will need to get further training. By 2018, 70% of jobs in Minnesota will require some post-secondary education. You may know that you are headed towards a four-year degree. Or, you may not be sure about what kind of education you want and may start with some classes in a community or technical college.

Not sure where to get started? Here are some tips to further explore higher education. Use the "Identify What You Want in a School Exercise" exercise in your MyMnCareerPlan Workbook to identify what you want in a school.

No matter what your plans are for education, there are a variety of options. Explore training options by what matters to you most:

Track future education options in your MyMnCareerPlan Workbook. List your top five education options in the workbook.

Get Training and Experience Right Now

It is likely that you can find courses or experience you can get right now in your school district. Learn about Minnesota Programs of Study options at your school or by career cluster.

There are also ways to try out a career or education area. Learn more in Expand Skills.

Track education options activities in your MyMnCareerPlan Workbook.

Take Action

  • List your research information from at least five careers in your MyMnCareerPlan Workbook.
  • List your research from at least five education options in your MyMnCareerPlan Workbook.
  • List Programs of Study options in your MyMnCareerPlan Workbook.
  • Review the above lists and put the top careers and schools on the Matrix in your MyMnCareerPlan Workbook.
  • Next, create a plan and set goals.


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