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Agricultural Graders and Sorters
Sort or classify raw food or other agricultural products.
Automotive Glass Installers and Repairers
Replace or repair broken windshields in cars or trucks.
College Geography Teachers
Teach college-level courses in geography.
Crossing Guards
Guide or control foot traffic on streets, near schools, railroad crossings, or construction sites.
Crushing, Grinding, and Polishing Machine Operators
Operate machines that crush, grind, or polish materials like coal, glass, grain, stone, food, or rubber.
Earth Drillers, Except Oil and Gas
Operate a variety of drills during mineral exploration or soil testing.
Family and General Practitioners
Work directly with patients to prevent or treat health problems that are common in the general population.
First-line Supervisors of Entertainment and Recreation Workers, Except Gambling Services
Directly supervise and coordinate activities of entertainment and recreation related workers.
Fish and Game Wardens
Patrol certain areas to prevent people from breaking fishing or gaming laws.
Gaming Cage Workers
Handle money transactions in casinos or other gaming businesses.
Gaming Change Persons and Booth Cashiers
Exchange coins, tokens, and chips for patrons' money in casinos.
Gaming Dealers
Operate gaming tables in a casino.
Gaming Managers
Coordinate the gambling activities at a casino.
Gaming Supervisors
Supervise the activities of gaming workers in casinos.
Gaming Surveillance Officers and Gaming Investigators
Patrol and inspect casino property against cheating or other irregular activities.
Gaming and Sports Book Writers and Runners
Post information that allows patrons to bet on races and sporting events.
Garbage and Recyclable Material Collectors
Collect garbage or recyclables from containers and put them into a truck.
Gas Compressor and Gas Pumping Station Operators
Operate steam, gas, electric motor, or internal combustion engines driven by compressors.
Gas Plant Operators
Distribute or process gas for utility companies.
General Internal Medicine Physicians
Diagnose and provide nonsurgical treatment for diseases and injuries
General Office Clerks
Perform a wide variety of clerical tasks in offices.
General and Operations Managers
Plan and coordinate the activities of organizations.
Genetic Counselors
Assess people's risk for inherited conditions or diseases.
Research and study how traits are inherited from one generation to the next.
Study the earth and its land, features, and inhabitants.
Geographic Information Systems Technicians
Assist scientists or others who use geographical information systems (GIS) databases.
Geological and Petroleum Technicians
Assist scientists in exploring and extracting natural resources, such as minerals, oils, and natural gas.
Study physical aspects of the earth, such as rocks, soils, and other materials.
Geospatial Information Scientists and Technologists
Research or develop geospatial technologies.
Geothermal Technicians
Install or maintain geothermal (ground source heat) systems.
Install glass in windows and other structures.
Government Program Eligibility Interviewers
Determine whether a person qualifies for certain government program benefits, such as social security.
Graduate Teaching Assistants
Assist college faculty with teaching-related duties in college courses.
Graphic Designers
Create and design graphics to promote a product or service.
Grinding, Lapping, Polishing, and Buffing Machine Operators
Operate grinding tools that remove extra material from surfaces, or polish metal or plastic work pieces.
Hand Grinding and Polishing Workers
Grind, sand, or polish materials using hand tools.
Landscaping and Groundskeeping Workers
Maintain property grounds, such as lawns or gardens, to keep them looking nice.
Log Graders and Scalers
Estimate how much marketable value a log has.
Methane/Landfill Gas Generation System Technicians
Monitor and maintain components of landfill gas collection systems.
Mining and Geological Engineers
Study land for possible mining sites, and determine whether conditions are safe for mining.
Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Provide medical care to women during pregnancy or childbirth.
Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Provide medical care related to pregnancy or childbirth
Oil and Gas Derrick Operators
Rig derrick equipment and operate pumps to circulate mud through drill holes.
Oil and Gas Rotary Drill Operators
Set up or operate a variety of drills to remove underground oil or gas.
Oil, Gas, and Mining Service Unit Operators
Operate equipment that services oil or mining operations.
Paper Goods Machine Operators
Operate paper goods machines.
Security Guards
Patrol property to prevent theft or other illegal activities.
Supervisors of Landscaping and Groundskeeping Workers
Supervise the work of landscaping and groundskeeping workers.
Synthetic and Glass Fiber Extruding and Forming Machine Operators
Operate or tend machines that form continuous filaments from synthetic materials.
Textile and Garment Pressers
Iron or shape clothing or other materials by hand or machine.
Tool Grinders, Filers, and Sharpeners
Smooth, sharpen, polish, or grind metal objects.
Tour Guides and Escorts
Guide individuals or groups on sightseeing tours.
Travel Guides
Organize and manage travel plans for individuals and groups.
Video Game Designers
Design the core features of video games.