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Agricultural Inspectors
Inspect agricultural products and equipment to make sure they comply with health and safety laws.
Allergists and Immunologists
Diagnose, treat, and prevent allergies.
Auto Damage Insurance Appraisers
Examine vehicle damage to determine how much it will cost for repairs.
Automotive Glass Installers and Repairers
Replace or repair broken windshields in cars or trucks.
Bus Drivers, Transit and Intercity
Drive bus or motor coach
Business Intelligence Analysts
Gather and share financial information with the company they work for.
Carpet Installers
Use tools to make sure carpets are installed properly.
Claims Adjusters, Examiners, and Investigators
Review insurance claims to make sure payments are made properly.
College Nursing Instructors and Teachers
Teach nursing courses at the college level.
Commercial and Industrial Designers
Develop the ideas for manufactured products, such as cars, appliances, and toys.
Computer and Information Scientists
Conduct research in the field of computer and information science.
Computer and Information Systems Managers
Oversee information technology (IT) duties for an organization.
Construction and Building Inspectors
Inspect structures to make sure that building codes are met through all phases of construction.
Control and Valve Installers and Repairers
Install and repair devices that regulate and control processes in buildings.
Detectives and Criminal Investigators
Investigate or solve crimes.
Drywall and Ceiling Tile Installers
Apply wallboard to ceilings or interior walls of buildings.
Electrical Power-Line Installers and Repairers
Install and fix cables and wires that are used in electrical power or distribution systems.
Electrical and Electronics Installers and Repairers of Transportation Equipment
Install or maintain mobile electronics communication equipment.
Electrical and Electronics Repairers of Commercial and Industrial Equipment
Repair, test, adjust, or install electronic equipment, such as transmitters or antennas.
Electronic Home Entertainment Equipment Installers and Repairers
Install or repair home electronic equipment such as televisions, stereos, or video systems.
Elevator Installers and Repairers
Assemble, install, or repair elevators.
Environmental Science and Protection Technicians, Including Health
Monitor the environment and investigate sources of pollution
Fire Inspectors and Investigators
Inspect buildings to identify fire hazards or investigate fires.
Fitness Trainers and Aerobics Instructors
Instruct or coach people in exercise activities.
Floor, Ceiling, and Wall Insulation Workers
Line and cover areas with insulation.
Forest Fire Inspectors and Prevention Specialists
Enforce fire regulations and recommend ways to prevent forest fires.
Fraud Examiners and Investigators
Work to reduce fraud.
Gaming Surveillance Officers and Gaming Investigators
Patrol and inspect casino property against cheating or other irregular activities.
General Internal Medicine Physicians
Diagnose and provide nonsurgical treatment for diseases and injuries
Geographic Information Systems Technicians
Assist scientists or others who use geographical information systems (GIS) databases.
Geospatial Information Scientists and Technologists
Research or develop geospatial technologies.
Government Program Eligibility Interviewers
Determine whether a person qualifies for certain government program benefits, such as social security.
Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers
Install, repair, and maintain the building systems that control temperature.
Industrial Engineering Technicians
Help industrial engineers to design processes to make better use of resources at work sites.
Industrial Engineering Technologists
Assist industrial engineers in a variety of activities.
Industrial Engineers
Create systems for managing production processes.
Industrial Machinery Mechanics
Repair, install, or adjust manufacturing equipment.
Industrial Production Managers
Coordinate the activities involved in manufacturing products.
Industrial Truck and Tractor Operators
Operate machines that move materials around a warehouse, storage yard, construction site, or similar location.
Industrial-Organizational Psychologists
Use principles of psychology to study problems that happen in organizations.
Informatics Nurse Specialists
Help to design and develop computerized health care data systems.
Information Security Analysts
Protect computer networks and information
Information Security Analysts
Make sure that computer networks and information are safe and secure.
Information Technology Project Managers
Plan and manage information technology (IT) projects.
Inspectors, Testers, Sorters, Samplers, and Weighers
Look for defects or problems in raw or manufactured materials.
Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Helpers
Help installation, maintenance, and repair workers with similar tasks requiring less skill.
Institution and Cafeteria Cooks
Cook large amounts of food, usually for schools, hospitals, or cafeterias.
Instructional Coordinators
Develop teaching materials and course content in specialized fields.
Insurance Claims and Policy Processing Clerks
Process new insurance policies or change existing policies.
Insurance Sales Agents
Sell life, property, health, or other types of insurance.
Insurance Underwriters
Decide whether or not to accept an application for insurance.
Interior Designers
Plan, design, and furnish the inside of buildings.
Diagnose and treat diseases and injuries of internal organs.
Interpreters and Translators
Convert information from one language to another.
Interview people by telephone, mail, or in person to complete forms, applications, or surveys.
Investment Fund Managers
Manage investment funds for clients.
Investment Underwriters
Manage communications between companies who issue securities and their clients.
Loan Interviewers and Clerks
Interview loan applicants to collect information during a loan application process.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Technologists
Monitor patients and operate Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners.
Manufactured Building and Mobile Home Installers
Move or install mobile homes or other prefabricated buildings.
Mechanical Insulation Workers
Apply insulation to pipes or ductwork.
Medical Records and Health Information Technicians
Organize and manage medical data in both paper and electronic systems.
Motor Vehicles Electronic Equipment Installers and Repairers
Install and repair communications equipment in motor vehicles.
Musical Instrument Repairers and Tuners
Repair all types of instruments.
Precision Instrument and Equipment Repairers, All Other
Repair small and large machinery.
Private Detectives and Investigators
Find and analyze information about legal, personal, or financial matters.
Radio, Cellular, and Tower Equipment Installers and Repairers
Repair, install, or maintain equipment used in radio transmission or other communications.
Receptionists and Information Clerks
Greet the general public and customers, answering questions or providing directions.
Reinforcing Iron and Rebar Workers
Put steel bars or mesh into concrete in order to make concrete stronger.
Sales Representatives of Services, Except Advertising, Insurance, Financial Services, and Travel
Sell services to individuals or businesses
Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installers
Install or repair security and fire alarm equipment.
Solar Photovoltaic Installers
Install and maintain solar photovoltaic systems on roofs.
Structural Iron and Steel Workers
Raise, place, and join iron or steel pieces to form structures.
Supervisors of Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers
Directly supervise the activities of mechanics, installers, and repairers.
Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers
Install or repair telephone, cable, internet, and other communication equipment.
Telecommunications Line Installers and Repairers
Install and repair telecommunications cable, including fiber optics.
Transit and Intercity Bus Drivers
Transport people by bus on regular routes.
Transportation Inspectors
Inspect equipment or goods to make sure cargo or people are transported safely.
Web and Digital Interface Designers
Design digital user interfaces or websites. Develop and test layouts, interfaces, functionality, and navigation menus to ensure compatibility and usability across browsers or devices.