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Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications

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Careers in Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications

59 careers found

Play parts in TV, radio, or stage productions.
Agents of Artists, Performers, and Athletes
Represent and promote artists, performers, and athletes.
Preserve documents and records that are historically significant.
Art Directors
Work on visual communications media, such as print, broadcasting, or advertising.
Audio and Video Equipment Technicians
Operate audio or video equipment for concerts, sports events, or other gatherings.
Broadcast News Analysts
Analyze, interpret, and report on news events.
Broadcast Technicians
Operate equipment that transmits radio and television programs.
Camera Operators
Operate television, video, or movie cameras to record information.
Camera and Photographic Equipment Repairers
Fix cameras and other photographic equipment.
Create new dance routines, using movements to express stories and ideas.
College Art, Drama, and Music Teachers
Teach art, drama, or music classes at the college level.
College Communications Teachers
Teach communications courses at the college level.
College English Language Teachers
Teach English courses at the college level.
Commercial and Industrial Designers
Develop the ideas for manufactured products, such as cars, appliances, and toys.
Computer Programmers
Create, modify, and test code that allows computer programs to run.
Computer, ATM, and Office Machine Repairers
Repair, maintain, or install office equipment.
Court Reporters
Record legal testimony using a variety of methods and equipment.
Craft Artists
Create handmade objects like weaving, needlecraft, or pottery.
Oversee collections, such as artwork, collectibles, and historic items.
Use movements to express ideas and stories in performances.
Data Entry Keyers
Enter data into a computer system.
Desktop Publishers
Use computer software to design layouts for books, newspapers, and other published items.
Plan or edit the content of written material.
Electronic Home Entertainment Equipment Installers and Repairers
Install or repair home electronic equipment such as televisions, stereos, or video systems.
Etchers and Engravers
Engrave or etch metal, wood, rubber, or other materials.
Fashion Designers
Design clothing and accessories.
Film and Video Editors
Organize and put together raw video footage into a completed production.
Fine Artists
Create original artwork using a wide variety of techniques.
Freight and Stock Laborers
Move freight, stock, or other materials by hand.
Graphic Designers
Create and design graphics to promote a product or service.
Research and understand the past by studying a variety of historical documents and sources.
Interior Designers
Plan, design, and furnish the inside of buildings.
Locomotive Engineers
Drive trains to transport passengers or freight.
Locomotive Firers
Watch train instruments and keep an eye out for obstacles on train tracks.
Motorboat Operators
Operate small motor-driven boats.
Multimedia Artists and Animators
Create special effects or animation using film, video, computers, or other electronic tools.
Museum Technicians and Conservators
Prepare and restore objects in a museum collection.
Music Directors and Composers
Conduct instrumental or vocal performances by musical groups.
Musicians and Singers
Play instruments or sing for live audiences and in recording studios.
Painting and Decorating Workers
Paint or decorate articles such as glass, pottery, jewelry, or books.
Take pictures of people, landscapes, and other subjects for a variety of purposes.
Photographic Process Workers and Processing Machine Operators
Develop photos from film or digital media.
Prepress Technicians and Workers
Prepare documents for printing by formatting and checking for errors in text and photos.
Print Binding and Finishing Workers
Bind books or other publications by hand or machine.
Printing Press Operators
Set up and operate large printing machines.
Producers and Directors
Produce or direct TV shows, movies, or other types of entertainment.
Proofreaders and Copy Markers
Read text to find and correct any grammatical, typing, or writing errors.
Public Address System and Other Announcers
Make announcements over public address systems at sporting or other public events.
Radio Operators
Receive and transmit communications using radio equipment.
Radio and Television Announcers
Speak on radio or television, presenting news, sports, or music to audiences.
Reporters and Correspondents
Report and write stories for news outlets.
Set and Exhibit Designers
Design special movie, TV, and theater sets, or other special exhibits.
Sound Engineering Technicians
Operate equipment to record, mix, or synchronize sound.
Technical Writers
Explain technical information through charts and manuals.
Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers
Install or repair telephone, cable, internet, and other communication equipment.
Telecommunications Line Installers and Repairers
Install and repair telecommunications cable, including fiber optics.
Theatrical and Performance Makeup Artists
Apply makeup to performers.
Vending and Amusement Machine Repairers
Install or repair vending and amusement machines.
Writers and Authors
Prepare original written material, like books or articles.