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Why Skills Are Important

Learn how to gain or improve your skills at any time in your career.

Many of the skills employers want are needed in all types of jobs. Discover the types of employability and occupational skills employers are looking for.

Then use the resources below to think about the skills you have gained from other experiences and how you can build new skills. Most of your skills can transfer to new opportunities.

Why Should You Get Job Skills?

Ways to Expand and Identify Your Skills

Students can gain skills from work-based learning including service learning opportunities and internships.

Job Seekers can attend CareerForce Center workshops and other job search events.

People with felony convictions and other criminal charges, can use Career Planning for People with a Criminal Conviction to identify skills, or find training.

Adult Basic Education students and those with limited language skills can search MyMnCareers to get training and advance in a career.

Anyone can:

It's important to continually assess your skills, at all phases of your career.

Resources to Help