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Assess Yourself

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Find careers that match your work skills, interests, and values.

An assessment helps you learn about yourself. Assessment tools ask questions to help you learn about you and careers that fit you. These tools will not tell you what to do. They help you explore options and decide for yourself.

Why Should You Assess Yourself?

Assessments allow you to spend time thinking about yourself and to make plans. It is important to know which direction fits you before you look for a job or go to school. After you've assessed yourself:

  • You'll make better career and school decisions.
  • You can present yourself better to employers.
  • You can show employers and schools how your interests, skills, and values fit the job or program.
  • You save time and money in your job search.
  • You'll be better at your work or school duties.
  • You'll have more confidence and happiness.

A Lifelong Process

When you are ready for a new job or thinking about going back to school, take another assessment. You may find that your skills, interests, or values changed. Use assessments to help you explore new options.

Start with the "Know Your Skills" section. Or click on a section that interests you.

Know Your Skills
Understand your skills before you start a job search.

Know Your Interests
See how what you like to do can make a difference in finding a career you'll enjoy.

Know Your Work Values
Understand the things you find important about a job.

Put Your Assessments Together
Find the careers that match your skills, interests and values.