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How to Match Skills to Occupations

Know what skills are needed for the careers that interest you, and how to gain new skills if you need to.

You should know what work-related skills you have and how good you are at each skill. Then, find occupations that match the skills you want to use. Know what your skills are so that you can talk about them with job coaches and employers.

How Do You Know What Your Skills Are?

  1. Think about the skills you have used in the past. These are your transferable skills. What were you good at? What could you learn to do well with some training or more experience?
  2. Talk to people who know you. Ask them what they think you are good at.
  3. Identify your skills on your own or with a career coach.

Make two lists for your skills. Write down the skills that you are good at and could use on the job right away. In the other list, write down the skills that you want to develop. In both lists, mention your soft skills and work skills.

Add these lists to your career plan.

Finding the Right Careers

  1. Use the Career Search Tool on this website or another source to find out the skills needed for occupations.
  2. Look at occupations that interest you and the skills needed. Write down the occupations that match your skills in your career plan.

Do you have the skills needed for the jobs you want? If not, think of ways to improve your skills and add those ideas to your career plan.

It's important to think about gaining skills and moving up in your career. This will keep you for being stuck in a job you do not like for too long.

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