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What Are Your Work Values?

You will be happier in a job that matches your work values. See why your values matter to your career.

Think about what's important to you.

  • What gives you job satisfaction? Is it doing work that you feel good about? The ability to use your talents and skills? Think about what things will give you satisfaction with your job.
  • We all need money. But how important are good wages to you? Is it more important to have good benefits like health care or vacation time? Are you more interested in a job where you can advance your career? Think about what types of compensation are most important to you.
  • What type of work environment is important to you? Is a quiet work area more important, or do you like a lot of activity? Is it very important for you to work on a team where everyone gets along well?
  • How important is your supervisor to you? Is it important to have a supervisor who is available and supportive, or do you prefer to have very little supervision while you work?
  • What about your schedule? Is it important for you to always work the same hours and days? Or is flexibility in your schedule important to you?

Print out the Work Values activity (pdf) in the workbook. Doing this activity will help you think more about your work values.

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