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What Are Your Work Values?

Job satisfaction comes from having a job that meets your needs and fits your goals.

Print this page then read each statement below. Rate the value on a scale of 1 (High) to 5 (Low) on how well the statement matches your values. Add work values not listed which are also important to you.

Work Values

Value Description Rating
  • Chance to use your strongest skills and feel good about your work
  • Being challenged and doing interesting work
  • Learning and gaining new skills
  • Able to decide what work you do
  • Supervising your own work
  • Being creative and finding new ways to do things
  • Chance to move up and be a leader
  • Being able to direct and influence others
  • Having an important or prestigious job
  • Getting along with your boss, coworkers, and customers
  • Working with diverse people of many cultures and backgrounds
  • Helping and caring for other people
  • Having a boss that stands behind their employees
  • Access to the right tools, training, and resources needed to do your job
Working Conditions
  • Having good work conditions
  • Being well paid and having good benefits
  • Having a job with low risk of a change in pay or work duties
  • Having a variety of things to do on the job

Next Steps:

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