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Creating Plan B

It's possible that your career plan will change along the way. Expecting and preparing for changes can help you be successful.

A career plan helps you decide what you want in your life or career. The steps in your plan help you meet your career goals. If you are not able to meet your goals the way you planned, don't give up. Instead, come up with a different plan or new goals. This is your backup plan, or Plan B.

Many things can keep your goals from happening the way you first planned. Your family situation might change. Things at your work could change. Also, other events, like a change in the economy, can affect your plans.

Think about past events that have changed your plans. Your time in prison is a perfect example. How did this change your career plan? Think about what could change your plans in the future. Your Plan B should include steps that will help you meet your goals if something unexpected happen.

Possible events or situations that could change your career plans include:

  • Changes in your family like a new baby, marriage, or divorce
  • An illness or injury of you or a loved one
  • A job loss or other change in family income
  • Moving to a new city
  • A promotion at work or new projects

Many people who now have career and financial success reached their goals by working their Plan B. You will meet your goals faster and easier if you have a career plan and a backup plan.

Remember: When you think about possible blocks to your plan, you are more likely to keep working toward your goals.

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