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Sample Career Plans

In order to move into a career, it is helpful to break down the actions needed to complete it.

A career plan is made up of short-term goals and long-term goals. Writing out your plan can help you see the steps involved. Below is a sample career plan.

My long-term career goal: To be a lead chef in a nice restaurant.

My short-term actions to support this goal:

  • I will learn more.
    • I will talk with three people working as chefs within one month.
    • I will get an entry-level job in a restaurant kitchen within six months.
  • I will practice skills.
    • I will read cookbooks every week from the library.
    • I will practice making at least one new recipe every week at home.
  • I will get experience.
    • I will ask my restaurant boss to teach me how to make at least one recipe within three months.
  • I will gain training.
    • I will earn my culinary arts degree within three years.

It can be helpful to use a grid to track your career goals and the actions to support them. Print this page and fill out the information below to get started.

My Career Plan: My long-term goal is: __________________

I will do this short-term action: By this date: I will use these resources: I will reward my success by:

I will re-evaluate my plan and goals on this date: ____________________

Next Steps: