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Going to College

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You know you want to go to college. Now what?

Going to college can seem like a scary process. Gather all the information you can about going to college. Understand the steps so you can break them down into easy tasks.

Use the pages below to learn about going to college.

What is College?
Learn what it means to "go to college." Explore the types of college and universities, and degree options available. Learn about online programs.

Succeeding in College
Get tips for how to do well in college.

Tips for Adult Students
Adjusting to school can be difficult for adults who are balancing many responsibilities. Get tips to help you adjust and stay in school.

How to Apply
The first step to going to school is to apply. Learn the steps to apply

Paying for College
Don't rule out going to college because you think it is too expensive. Learn about different ways to help pay for school and the types of financial aid available.

Financial Aid for People with a Criminal Conviction
Learn which convictions limit your eligibility for financial aid. Develop a plan to apply for financial aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSFA).