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Expand Skills

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Skills can be learned. Find ways to expand the skills you have.

Your skills are the foundation of your career. You have many skills already, but you may want to learn new ones or expand others. One of the best ways to expand your skills can be through education and training.

Why Should You Expand Your Skills?

  • Are you looking for a new or better job? Employers hire people with skills that match their job needs.
  • Employers keep and promote people who are serious about expanding their skills.
  • Many good jobs require formal training such as a degree or a certification.
  • If your job ends, you'll have a better chance to get a new one.

Start with the "Skills Employers Want" section. Or click on a section that interests you.

Skills Employers Want
What skills are needed on the job? What skills can you bring from one experience to another?

How to Develop Skills
Learn how to develop new skills.

Going to College
Break going to college down into easy steps. Learn about your options, how to apply, and how to pay.

Search Training Tool
Find training options in Minnesota. Learn about apprenticeship programs, adult basic education providers and Minnesota State colleges and universities.