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Ex-offenders at training

What skills or training would help you move up in your career? Find training that fits your career goals.

Before you enroll in any college or job training program, make sure the careers it is preparing you for are not ones affected by criminal records. Talk with your Parole Officer, job coach, or legal counsel about your specific situation and goals.

Click on the type of training you'd like to explore.

Programs A program is a series or combination of courses covering related skills or topics. It usually ends with a credential, such as a degree or a certification.
Courses A course is one of a series of lessons or class meetings that may be part of an education program. It usually includes regularly scheduled classes.
Adult Basic Education (ABE)  ABE programs serve students ages 16 and older who are not enrolled in school and who want to improve their basic skills in reading, writing, math, listening, and speaking. They also provide some pre-employment training.
Apprenticeships An apprenticeship is an employer's formal education program. It is on-the-job learning and technical training in a specific trade. This tool lists registered apprenticeships.

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