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Transferable Skills

Many things you do at one job can also be used at a different job. These are called transferable skills.

Everyone has strengths and skills they are good at. Here is a list of transferable skills that workers in all types of careers can use.

Common Transferable Skills

Skill Set Description Examples
Basic skills These are skills needed by almost all workers. These skills are very important to have. Writing, for example, is a basic skill that gets you into a good job. Not having it can keep you out of a good job. Learn new things
Think critically
People skills These are some of the most needed and wanted skills. They're sometimes called soft skills. These skills help people to work well with others. Be aware of others
Coordinate with others
Help others
Teach others
Management skills All workers need these skills, not just managers. Employers hire people who can keep track of projects, money, and their time. Managing money
Managing people
Managing things
Managing time
Systems skills Can you understand how parts and wholes work together? For example, could you see what would happen to your company if a certain employee left? Or how a new tax law might change prices at the grocery store? Then you have systems skills. Evaluate a system
Evaluate an organization
Understand a system
Make good decisions
Technical skills Technology includes computers and equipment. Computers are common in most workplaces. People in all occupations should know how to work with technology. Choose tools
Control quality
Install equipment
Install programs
Maintain equipment
Check equipment
Operate equipment

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