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What is College?

You often hear that you need to "go to college" in order to get a good job. But what is college? There are many types of colleges and universities.

The term "college" often is used to describe most education after high school. You might also hear the phrases "higher education" or "postsecondary education."

All of these terms can describe programs or training opportunities available to those who have a high school diploma or GED.

Reasons to Go to College

Whether you are looking at a short-term training program that lasts just a few weeks or a degree program that takes a few years to complete, going to college is a big commitment with many benefits.

A college degree or certificate can help you get better jobs. Typically, higher levels of education can lead to higher-paying jobs. Jobs that require higher education typically offer higher wages than those that don't.

Other College Benefits

  • Jobs requiring a college degree or certificate often have better benefits and better working conditions.
  • Positions that require higher degrees are less likely to be part of layoffs than lower-skilled jobs.
  • You gain skills in college that employers look for - like critical thinking, problem-solving, writing, and computer skills.
  • Going to college helps you practice time management and meeting deadlines.
  • In classes, you will learn teamwork and how to get along with people of different backgrounds and ages.

Next Steps:

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