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Tips to Change Careers

Are you exploring a new career or industry? How do you make the move?

As you look for a job, you have many options. If your last job is not one impacted by a criminal record, you could look for a similar new job. You could work in the same career and in the same industry. Or you might look for the same job, but in a different industry. You could also look for a new career and in a different industry.

Here are some things you need to know about yourself and the job market before you change careers and/or industries.

Understand Your Limitations

Before you explore all occupations and industries, understand how your options are impacted by your criminal record.

Research the Trends

Some careers have more openings where you live. Some careers are growing and will need more workers in the future. Learn how to explore the job market.

Learn About Salary Ranges

Before you choose a new career or industry, you should know what it pays. Career profiles include average salary information. Use the career search tool to find career profiles.

Transfer Your Skills

Know which of your skills you can use in other careers and industries. Review your work skills and soft skills.


It's a good idea to connect with people working in different careers and industries. They can help you find out which employers are hiring people with your skills. Learn more about networking.

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