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Cover Letter Tips

A cover letter can be just as important as your resume.

A cover letter is included with your resume. It introduces you to an employer. A cover letter shows your interest in the position. It often highlights how your skills and achievements make you an ideal candidate for the job.

Follow these tips to make sure your cover letter grabs an employer's attention.

Use Good Form

  • Address your letter to a specific person by name and title. If you can't find an individual's name, use the job title of the recipient (Maintenance Supervisor, Office Manager). Do not address your letter to a business, a department, or "To Whom It May Concern."
  • At the end of your letter, tell the employer how you plan to follow up. Then do what you planned.
  • Sign in blue or black ink, unless submitting electronically.
  • When emailing employers, you can use the body of the email as your cover letter and attach your resume.

Be Confident, Positive, and Focused

  • Target your letter to the audience and industry.
  • Be upbeat about your current employment situation and professional future.
  • Emphasize what you can offer the employer.
  • Express your focused career goals.
  • Don't use empty or unproven claims about your abilities.

Be Concise, Accurate, and Polite

  • Use short sentences. Write in a professional tone.
  • Keep the letter to one page.
  • Proofread your letter thoroughly.
  • Thank the reader for his or her time.

Cover Letter Samples

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