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Develop Your Resume

First impressions are important. Make sure your resume says the right things about you.

You might connect to an employer through networking. However, some employers will first learn about you by looking at your resume. Many job seekers struggle to create a good resume. Get tips for writing and using your resume. Also learn about cover letters, references, and work samples. They are usually included with a resume.

Use the pages below to learn about developing your resume.

Resume Writing Tips
Learn how to write a good resume to show your abilities and experiences.

How to Use Your Resume
Once you've have a solid resume, your job is to get it to the right people.

Cover Letter Tips
A cover letter is your introduction to an employer. Get tips for writing a cover letter employers will want to read.

Getting References
References talk about your skills and experience to a potential employer. Learn how to pick good references.

Work Samples
Samples of your work help show an employer your skills and experience. Get tips for selecting your work samples to highlight.