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Know How to Interview

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Interviews are a chance for an employer to learn more about you. It's also your chance to learn about the company.

Many job seekers are nervous about interviews. They want to say the right things and make a good impression. Take time to prepare for your interview. Practice what you'll say. Plan what you will wear. These activities will help you be confident during each interview. Your confidence will make a good impression.

Use the pages below to know how to interview.

Types of Interviews
Learn about the different types of interviews.

Scheduling Interviews
Take steps with employers to get an interview scheduled.

Preparing for Interviews
Being prepared will show during the interview. Follow these tips before your interview.

Interview Tips
Job seekers with less-than-perfect work histories or criminal records may have a hard time answering some interview questions. Use these tips for a successful interview.

What to Wear to a Job Interview
An employer is going to form a first impression about you based on how you dressed for the interview. That is why it is always important to dress professionally.

Answering Interview Questions
See common interview questions. Practice answering these questions before your interview.

Follow Up After an Interview
Don't miss the opportunity to make another good impression after your interview. Follow up after each interview.