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Job Search After Release

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Your job search will be unique because of your background.

Your criminal record will make some parts of the job search different than it is for other job seekers. You may have work restrictions. And your criminal record will come up at different points during the search.

Use the pages below to learn about searching for jobs after your release.

Common Jobs for Newly Released
What jobs do ex-offenders usually get? This might not be your dream job, but it might help you transition into a different career.

Jobs Affected by Criminal Record
Not all jobs will be open to you with your record. Learn more about barred occupations and possible work restrictions.

Job Search Under Supervision
Get tips for job searching while you are on parole.

Consequences of Not Finding Employment
Unemployment can affect all parts of your transition. Learn about the consequences of not working. Also find tips for what to do when you can’t find work.

Criminal Records and Your Job Search
Learn all you can about how your criminal record will be used during your job search. Learn how to get a copy of your criminal record. Understand the types of employment and background checks employers conduct. And research if you can change your criminal record.