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Know the Workplace

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You know skills are important. What else do you need to know to succeed?

Changes in the economy and in the workplace mean that it's important for you to make a career plan and have goals. You also need to know what employers expect from you after you're hired.

The New World of Work
The job market has changed a lot in recent years. Technology advances and the global economy transformed how all types of companies do business. Find out how these changes affect your job search.

Today's Job Market
Today, the relationship between employers and employee is very different than it was in the past. It provides more opportunities for job seekers.

Employment Realities
The workplace is complicated, but if you have a plan you can advance and succeed in your career.

Employer Expectations
Prison had its own culture. When you get a job, your workplace will have a culture too. As a new employee, you must learn these new "rules."

Using Your Judgment
What do you do when there is trouble at work? How you respond may determine whether you keep your job.

Tips for Older Workers
Age discrimination is illegal. But that doesn't stop people from believing things that are untrue about older workers. Understanding these myths is the first step.