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The New World of Work

Employers' needs have changed. Are you prepared to be successful in the new world of work?

The workplace has changed a lot in recent years. Some of the changes are tied to the economy. Many job seekers today are worried that there are not as many job openings as there once were. The truth is that many things about employment have shifted over the years. You need to be aware of what employers expect, and manage your career based on those expectations.

To begin with, remember that you are in charge of your career, not your employer. Successful job seekers in all career pathways need to MOTIVATE themselves.

M = Manage your own work life: Take charge of your career.

O = Options and opportunity: Be aware of your choices and be ready to act on them.

T = Training never ends: Keep updating your skills and learning about your career field.

I = International mindset: Value different cultures. Think about the economic and work trends in other countries. Think about how they affect your work.

V = Value all work: It shows that you place worth on your time and yourself.

A = Achievement: Do the best job possible, set and realize your goals.

T = Technology: Know how to use computers. Stay current with new technology.

E = Economics: Understand how the economy affects you. It influences the job market and your career field.

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