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Tips for Older Workers

Are you an older, more experienced worker? You may face extra barriers to your job search.

As someone with a criminal conviction, you are already aware of the barriers your record can have on your job search. Older workers can face additional barriers.

Older Worker Myths

Age discrimination is illegal. But that doesn't stop people from believing things that are untrue about older workers. Some employers think older workers are:

  • Unable to change
  • Know-it-alls
  • Uncomfortable reporting to or working with younger workers
  • Slow and unproductive

Understanding these myths is the first step. What can you do? Here are tips to help you get noticed regardless of your age:

Look Current

  • Both men and women should have their hair cut and styled. An old-fashioned haircut or style can be seen as unwillingness to change.
  • Your clothes need to reflect today's trends. This doesn't mean you need to dress like you're 20. But try to wear styles that are sold today. Your glasses may also need an update.


  • Many jobs today are filled through networks. Learn all you can about networking. Join and attend events and meetings for associations in your field.
  • Use social media. Join LinkedIn and online groups around your interests. Learn all you can about online networking.

Deal with Unspoken Concerns

  • Keep your interview answers short. Don't dominate the interview in an attempt to show what you know.
  • Tell employers you are a team player. Give examples of working with multiple ages, genders, and diverse work styles.
  • Talk about your long-range plans for being with the company.
  • Talk about the future.

Be Enthusiastic and Energetic in Person

  • Stand up straight (no hunching or slouching) and walk with confidence.
  • Use good eye contact.
  • Show a positive attitude about yourself and life in general.
  • Focus on your results in former positions and how they will benefit the company. Stress your dependability and reliability.

Next Steps:

Other Resources

  • Join LinkedIn to start your professional networking.