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How to Manage Your Career

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The choices you make now affect your future. This is true for job seekers and employees at all levels and in all career pathways.

All of the things you do to improve your skills or succeed at work are part of your career.

  • Taking classes or earning a degree in your field helps your career.
  • Volunteering so you can gain skills and experience helps your career.
  • Maintaining positive relationships with your coworkers and former and current bosses helps your career.

Managing your career is an ongoing process. It does not stop when you find a good job.

In fact, there are many things you can do while working to improve your career. These things often increase your chances of getting a promotion or a raise.

What You Can Do

  • Stay current in your chosen career pathway. Participate in professional associations to learn about industry trends and to build your network.
  • Lifelong learning is important. Take advantage of on-the-job training or seek short-term training.
  • Develop values and a sense of purpose. Know how your career fits into your life priorities.
  • Balance work and life activities. Don't let your work negatively affect your career, and vice versa.
  • People change over time. Reevaluate your career goals often.

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