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Manage Your Career

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Good career planning doesn't end at getting a job. Manage your career and learn new strategies to keep being a success.

It may seem like your career planning work is done after you get a job. It seems like you should now be able to relax. But managing your career is an important step for starting over after prison.

Do you know what you need to do to get a promotion or a raise? How do you react when obstacles and setbacks happen? How do you handle problems in other parts of your life, like your finances? All of these things are part of your career management.

Why Should You Manage Your Career?

When you take charge, good things will happen.

  • You will have more confidence and self-respect.
  • You will be more valuable to your employers.
  • You will find more opportunities to move up in your jobs.
  • You will make more money.
  • You get to feel like your own person.
  • You will learn to handle change and crisis.
  • You will show your children how to succeed in their school and careers.

Career Management is Ongoing

Career management means you are in charge of your life and your career. Managing your career means that you think about what is important to you. You actively look for ways to improve your job skills. And you are reaching goals, making new ones, and adjusting your plans as you move ahead.

Use the pages below to help manage your career.

What is Career Management?
Learn how to create goals for your work and personal life.

Overcoming Obstacles
Learn about obstacles that can get in the way of your career goals and how to deal with them.

Managing Your Finances
Learn how to make good choices with your money. Set a budget for your expenses.

How to Manage Your Career
Managing your career is an ongoing process. Get tips for how this is done.

Success Stories
Hear from real people who have overcome obstacles to achieve their career goals.