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Overcoming Obstacles

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Life does not always go smoothly. If you think about how you would handle problems, you will be able to cope with them and continue with your career plans.

Cars break down. People get sick. Unexpected situations or problems can come up at any time and interrupt your personal or career plans.

It is easy to give up. Instead, think in advance about how you would handle these obstacles. This lets you cope with them and continue your job and education.

What Are Hurdles or Obstacles?

Think about people running in a race. They are running, and then they see something that blocks their way. They can stop running OR they can jump over the hurdle in the road and stay in the race.

Think about work the same way. You worked hard to find a job that you like. The company hired you and you are excited to start your career. Then you find you might have problems getting to work. Or you can't find child care.

These obstacles are "hurdles" you will have to deal with to keep your job.

Examples of common hurdles are:

  • Your car breaks down
  • Your child care provider goes on vacation
  • You fall and sprain your ankle
  • Your child gets the flu
  • Your job schedule changes suddenly

How Do You Overcome Obstacles?

The best way to deal with problems is to make a plan in advance. Having a plan or strategy will help reduce your stress when one of these events occurs. The strategy will make it easier for you to continue working towards your goals.

For example, if you rely on child care, think about what you will do if your child care provider gets sick or goes on vacation. Before you need them, find friends or family members to be back-up child care providers. Then you will have more than one person to call when you need help, and you will be able to continue your regular activities (school or job).

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