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Resources for Career Counselors

Find information and resources to help counselors, advisors, instructors, or anyone who helps ex-offenders or soon-to-be-released incarcerated individuals with career planning.

STEP AHEAD Resources

Recorded Webinars

Career Planning with STEP AHEAD
January 29, 2019

Summary: Navigate the STEP AHEAD website to help job seekers with felony or other criminal convictions succeed in their job search. Learn how to research careers, including how to find out which careers may be affected by criminal records. Find training options and locate training in Minnesota, including Adult Basic Education (ABE) and apprenticeships. Discover how to answer tough questions during the job search. Use the activities and worksheets to assess skills, interests, and strengths; set goals; and prepare for a job search. Activities include an online Practice Job Application.


STEP AHEAD Career Planning Model and Resource Map (pdf)
Quickly locate resources on this website. See how they map to steps in the career planning model.

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Other Ex-Offender Resources on the Web

Collateral Consequences Inventory
Created by the American Bar Association, this website shows how different types of criminal convictions affect employment. After you enter the website, select Minnesota on the map and search for consequences on “employment.”

Minnesota Criminal Offenders Rehabilitation Statutes
Find Minnesota Statutes related to the rehabilitation of criminal offenders including those related to employment and the availability of criminal records.

Minnesota Federal Bonding Program
Federal bonding offers employers no-cost bonding insurance for employees who are considered to be "at-risk" due to a criminal record.  Learn more about eligibility and coverage.  Find out how to apply for the program.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit available as an incentive for employers to hire workers who experience high rates of unemployment, including those with a criminal record.  Learn about the program, who qualifies, and how to apply. 

Job Search Help for Ex-Offenders (CareerOneStop)
This national website provides career, training, and job information for ex-offenders. Use the Toolkit or the State Resource Finder to locate job search, housing, food, legal, or other assistance in your state.  CareerOneStop also offers CareerOneStop Re-Entry.   In this version of their website all of the external links have been disabled for use within a correctional facility.  Learn more about CareerOneStop Job search resources for prisoners and ex-offenders

Internet Sites for Career Planning (National Career Development Association)
Select "Special Populations" and "Incarcerated and Ex-Offenders" to find website resources to help professionals who work with individuals with criminal convictions. 

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