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Assess Yourself

Assess Yourself

Know Your Skills
Identify Your Strengths
Soft Skills
How to Match Skills to Occupations

Know Your Interests
What Are Your Interests?
Matching Interests to Work Options

Know Your Work Values
Why Values Matter to Your Career
What Are Your Work Values?

Put Your Assessments Together

Explore Careers

Explore Careers

What is a Career?
Job vs. Career
Formal Education Pays Off

How to Find Career Information
What is a Career Cluster?
What is a Career Pathway?
Researching Careers
Test-Drive a Job
Career Information Resources

Discover Your Career Options
Tips to Change Careers
How to Explore the Job Market 
Nontraditional Careers

Career Search Tool
Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
Agriculture and Construction
Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications
Business, Management, and Administration
Education and Training
Government and Public Administration
Health Science
Hospitality and Tourism
Human Services
Information Technology
Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security
Marketing, Sales, and Service
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

Career Videos

Create a Plan & Set Goals

Create a Plan & Set Goals

Making Decisions
Setting Realistic Expectations 
Weighing Your Options
PACED Decision Making
Time Management
How to Disclose

How to Set Goals
What Are Short-Term Goals?
What Are Long-Term Goals?
Making SMART Goals

Make a Career Plan
Take Charge of Your Career
Develop Your Plan
Sample Career Plans
Career Plan Timetable
How to Stick To Your Plan
Creating Plan B

Expand Skills

Expand Skills

Skills Employers Want
What Are Job Skills?
Transferable Skills
Skills Gained in Prison

How to Develop Skills
Ways to Gain Skills
Training Options

Going to College
What Is College? 
Succeeding in College
Tips for Adult Students
How to Apply
Application Process
College Entrance and Placement Tests
Paying for College 
Financial Aid for People with a Criminal Conviction

Search Training Tool 
Adult Basic Education (ABE) Provider List
Apprenticeship Search

Find a Job

Find a Job

The Hiring Process
Job Search Preparation
How Employers Hire
Filling Out Job Applications 
Practice Job Application
Finding Job Openings
Negotiating a Job Offer

Job Search After Release
Common Jobs for Newly Released
Jobs Affected by Criminal Record 
Job Search Under Supervision
Consequences of Not Finding Employment
Criminal Records and Your Job Search 

Know the Workplace
The New World of Work
Today's Job Market
Employment Realities
Employer Expectations
Using Your Judgment
Tips for Older Workers

Making Connections
What is Networking?
How to Network
Create Your Elevator Speech
Informational Interviews
Online Networking
How to Contact Employers
Employer Incentives

Develop Your Resume
Resume Writing Tips
How to Use Your Resume
Cover Letter Tips
Getting References
Work Samples

Know How to Interview
Types of Interviews
Scheduling Interviews
Preparing for Interviews
Interview Tips  
What to Wear to a Job Interview
Answering Interview Questions
Follow Up After an Interview

Get Job Search Help 
Where to Find a Job Coach 
Disability Services 
Employment Agencies

Manage Your Career

Manage Your Career

Overcoming Obstacles
How to Deal with Setbacks
Taking Care of Yourself
Community Resources
Managing Your Finances
Cost of Living
How to Make a Budget
How to Manage Your Career
Success at Work
Success Stories
Success Story: Carl
Success Story: Erica

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