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Career Planning for People with a Criminal Conviction Workbook

The Career Planning for People with a Criminal Conviction workbook will help you to develop the skills needed to obtain employment.  This workbook focuses on four important steps in career planning process: Assess Yourself, Create A Plan and Set Goals, Find a Job, and Manager Your Career. For more information and resources to help with these steps, or to find out how to Explore Careers , or Expand Skills , use the website.

This workbook is used in Goodwill/Easter Seals ReEntry programming within Minnesota Department of Corrections facilities to help soon-to-be-released job seekers find employment.

The purpose of the workbook, website, and transition class is to help job seekers become more prepared and confident with the job search process and have a successful transition back into the community. 

Download the Workbook

Career Planning Workbook
Full workbook. 73 Pages

Download Individual Worksheets

  • What Can You Do Now? | Workbook pages 7 - 8 
    Employment Preparation for People Who Are Currently Incarcerated

Assess Yourself

  • Transferable Skills | Activity | Workbook page 10
    Write out examples of skills that are transferable across different jobs. 
  • Strengths | Activity | Workbook pages 15 - 16
    Select your strengths and write down how you could share them in a job interview.
  • Occupations that Best Match Your Assessment | Activity | Workbook page 18
    Make a list of the jobs that match your skills, interests, and work values.

Create a Plan and Set Goals

  • Employment Planning Worksheet | Activity | Workbook page 20
    Make decisions to help you start your job search including the location,schedule, minimum payrate, benefits, and work environment you are looking for.
  • Job Search Schedule | Activity | Workbook pages 21 - 22 
    Plan your daily job search activities for the next month using this chart.

Find a Job

  • Networking | Activity | Workbook pages 25 - 28
    Identify people who can help with your job search.  
  • Application with Errors | Activity | Workbook pages 30 - 33
    Identify the mistakes on this sample job application.  
  • Resume and Cover Letter Tips | Workbook page 37
    Tips to help you write your resume and workbook.  
  • Resume Templates | Workbook pages 39 - 41
    Templates of Functional, Chronological, and Combination resumes.  
  • Job Interview Tips | Workbook pages 43 - 44
    Use these tips to prepare for before, during and after a job interview.  
  • Discussing Your Conviction Record | Activity | Workbook pages 49 - 50
    Tips to discuss your conviction record during a job interview.  

Manage Your Career

  • Professionalism | Activity | Workbook pages 54 -55
    Do you know type of behavior is expected in the workplace?  Test yourself to see what you know.
  • Manage Stress | Activity | Workbook pages 59 - 60
    Which stress reducing strategies do you use?  Which ones would you like to try?


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Assess Yourself

Create a Plan and Set Goals

Job Search


Minnesota State grants educators, career counselors, and job seekers permission to print, copy, and cite information from the workbook free of charge and without requesting special permission under two conditions:

  1. The information must be used for educational, noncommercial purposes.
  2. The information must be accompanied by a citation that includes that this information is cited from Minnesota State CAREERwise.

Creation of the workbook was funded by the Minnesota Career and Technical Education unit funded by the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 2006.

  • Questions about the workbook? Contact support.