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Resources for College Career Counselors and Advisers

Do you help students of all ages and backgrounds explore majors and degree programs, plan for careers, and get jobs after graduation?

These resources help counselors, advisers, admissions representatives, instructors, and other staff at colleges to support students. You can use the information on this page to develop career curriculum and other self-guided tools.

Incoming Students

Use these resources to help potential students to learn the benefits of education, make connections between their schooling and career goals, and find the types of training that best fit them. Help students to:

Be Prepared for College

  • Help students understand the difference between high school and college. College readiness brochures from the Minnesota Association for Developmental Education (MNADE) are available in English (47KB, .pdf), Hmong (103KB, .pdf), Spanish (86KB, .pdf), and Somali (76KB, .pdf). The brochures compare student responsibility, academic environment, and resources and support between high school and college. Classroom and preparation tips are also included.

Make More Money

Make Good Choices

    • Research college majors (fields of study) to learn about career options and schools.

    • Use a career planning model (117KB, .pdf) to help students get started, set goals, and make post-graduation plans.

  • Use assessments to help students discover their skills and interests.

Find College Options

Pay for Education

Transfer Past Credits or Experience

Current Students

Promote career planning throughout college to maximize the student's chances of getting a job after graduation. Help students to:

Plan Their Careers While in School

Stay in School

    • Provide referrals for counseling, health care, or other critical needs.

Get Involved on Campus

Deal with Personal Finances

Work While in School

    • Send students to your campus career services for jobs and resources tied to their major or career field.

    • Find out if your campus offers part-time jobs, work study, or student employment programs.

  • Give students resources to plan their job search.

Graduating Students

Encourage graduating students to not wait until after graduation to start their job search. Help students to:

Visit the Campus Career Center

    • Tell students about job search workshops on your campus.

  • Point them toward online job boards for students.

Make Contacts to Find Hidden Jobs

    • Encourage students to find and join professional associations.

Research Jobs

    • Hear what Minnesota employers are saying about what they are looking for in today's workers. Use the Employers Speak tool to find employer quotes by industry.

    • Use Minnesota's latest job vacancy survey to give students an idea of where to look for work and in which occupations.

Find and Apply for Jobs

Transition from College to Work

Resources for Advisers

Use these resources to develop career curriculum and other self-guided tools and to find local or regional resources.