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Career Cluster Resources for Career Counselors

What are the benefits of career clusters? Are there resources available to help counselors and teachers use them?

With thousands of careers to choose from, it's important to organize them in a meaningful way. Career clusters are a way of organizing that provides:

  • A tool for exploration
  • Help in understanding the connection between school and future employment

The Career Clusters section is a gateway to how the six career fields, 16 clusters, and 81 pathways work together. Use this section to:

  • Select a career field.
  • See the related career clusters.
  • Find more about each cluster including a video, description, and link to related careers.

Strategies for Implementing Career Clusters

Want to implement career clusters into your curriculum and counseling plans? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Career Clusters that Match Holland Codes

See how career clusters match specific Holland codes with this comprehensive list.

More Career Cluster Resources for Career Counselors

Use these links to Minnesota and national resources to inform your use of career clusters.


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