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Energy Education

Which skills do you need in Energy? What are your Energy education options?

The path to a successful Energy career begins with careful planning and informed decision making. Base your education goals on research you've done to understand the skills you need for an Energy career and the education options available.


Energy Skills & Competencies

It takes more than great technical skills to succeed in Energy. Build your success by gaining the right competencies and skill sets.

How can brilliant people hit a dead end in their career?

Sometimes it's because they lack foundational skills we all need to function in the workplace. The Energy Competency Models helps businesses, workers and students better understand what makes a competent Energy worker.

What Is a Competency Model?

A competency model is a collection of skills, knowledge, abilities, and other personal characteristics. Together, they enable successful performance in a particular job. Competency models are used in human resources for recruitment and hiring, training and development, and performance management.

Why Is a Competency Model Important to Me?

Competency models are developed by industry leaders. They outline the expectations businesses have for their workers. As a student, job seeker or career changer, you should review competency models as part of your career exploration. They will help you to understand the soft and technical skills and knowledge a worker is expected to have in that particular industry.

What knowledge and skills does an energy worker need?

Take a look at the Energy Competency Models. Some may appear complicated at first. But they will enable you to make better decisions about building the skills needed for your Energy career. Each interactive version links to competency block definitions and occupational competency profiles. Download the industry model and worksheets in several formats.

What Energy Employers Are Really Looking For

Minnesota Energy Employers Speak from various regions of the state. They reveal what they are looking for in their new hires and current workforce, the skills and experience employers need but are not finding, and how educational institutions can help to address these gaps. Employers' spoken quotes are organized into general themes and issues.

Find out Why Skills Are Important, and how to gain or improve your skills.

Energy Training

Education Search Tools

Search programs and courses using keywords like biodiesel, biofuels, ethanol, lineworker, nuclear, solar, and wind to find energy training at Minnesota State schools.

Get Into Energy Minnesota

Get Into Energy Minnesota provides links to programs for Renewable Energy, Energy Technical Specialists, and Traditional Energy at Minnesota State schools.

Minnesota State Energy Student Testimonials

What is it really like to get an Energy education?

Before you invest time and money in your education, be sure of your choice. This includes a postsecondary training program in Energy. A former or current student can tell you what they liked about the program they chose, how well it prepared them for a career, and tips for successfully completing the program.

Biofuels Technology Graduates

Meet three biofuels technology graduates. Learn how their education prepared them for their current careers.

Jeff Knutson

Picture of Jeff Knutson

Jeff Knutson is currently a plant manager/vice president of Central Indiana Ethanol. Read his story (179KB, .pdf) about the biofuels technology program at Minnesota West and how it prepared him for today.

Brodie McKeown

Picture of Brodie McKeown

Brodie McKeown switched from a construction management career to one in renewable energy. Find out how (221KB, .pdf) he made this change.

Mike Bauman

Picture of Mike Bauman

Mike Bauman rebounded from being laid off from his construction career. Read this interview (157KB, .pdf) about how he turned this layoff into a chance for a new career.

Ethanol Plant Internship

Starr Grabow

Picture of Starr Grabow

Starr Grabow completed an internship at Central Indiana Ethanol as a part of her work in the biofuels technology program at Minnesota West. Read her story (224KB, .pdf) about the internship and what she gained from the experience.

Solar Energy Student

Andy Richardson

Picture of Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson is among the first students to enroll in Century College's new solar energy program. Read about how (244KB, .pdf) Richardson, who lost his job at Anderson Windows, used his state dislocated worker benefits to learn how to install solar panels on homes and businesses.

Wind Energy Technician Student

Christine Adamietz

Picture of Christine Adamietz

Even as a kid, Christine Adamietz loved climbing. So much so that her dad had to remove the bottom rungs from the grain bins on the family's farm to keep her safe. Read about (222KB, .pdf) her climb to success in Minnesota West's wind energy technician program.