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Green Jobs

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Are you ready to find a green job?

Get started with your green job search by learning about some of Minnesota's green employers.  You can also find resources to help you explore starting your own green business. Find tips for making your resume green and learn how to locate green job openings.

Minnesota Green Employers

The Minnesota employers listed below produce or provide a green product, service or process. Often, many of the people employed at these companies have green jobs because they are essential to the company's product, service, or process.

Great River Greening
A non-profit company that works to preserve and restore natural areas by facilitating projects and campaigns with community volunteers.

McGough (Facilities Management)
Encourages practices that reduce existing buildings' use of energy, water, and natural resources.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Responsible for monitoring the environment and pollution, encouraging recycling, and providing assistance to communities, businesses, and other state agencies.

Duke Energy Renewables
Provides repair and maintenance services to wind turbines, the main source of renewable energy in Minnesota.

Quality Bicycle Products
Uses green supply chain management, a LEED Gold-certified distribution center, and nine other green initiatives.

Start a Green Business

Learn about green entrepreneurship and whether it is right for you.  Meet green entrepreneurs and find resources to help you start your own green business.

Green Your Resume

If you're looking to move into a green job, there may be certain skills, credentials, or qualities you can showcase on your resume to help your chances. Try the following tips to highlight your green experience.

  1. Use your career objective statement to highlight your interest in a position that benefits the environment.

    Sample Career Objective

    To apply my customer service skills in an organization that is committed to earth-friendly policies and environmental change.
  2. Emphasize any green volunteer work you've done, and/or being specific about how your previous work duties may have been related to helping the environment.

    Sample Employment History

    2010 to present - Bullseye Supermarket. Daytime Produce Shift Manager. Oversee employees to make sure all shifts are covered. Answer customer questions; inspect produce to make sure it is fresh make sure produce section is well-stocked and fresh. Inspect organic produce to make sure it is properly and clearly labeled for customers who choose products grown without pesticides.
  3. Your skills and qualifications are most important, but if it's appropriate for the position, you might mention a personal commitment to environmental issues.

    Sample, Summary of Relevant Skills
    -Excellent customer service, problem-solving, leadership, and communication skills.
    - Dependability and initiative: In three years of working for Bullseye foods, I have never missed a shift and was promoted to manager after only one year.
    -Ability to work a cash register and lift 50 pounds. Computer skills: Internet research; Microsoft Word; some experience with Microsoft Excel.
    -A strong personal commitment to earth-friendly practices, such as locally-produced and organically-grown products. I have been reading about environmental issues for the last four years, on topics such as sustainable farming,recycling, and environmental conservation.

Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all green resume. Since all green jobs are different, be prepared to customize your resume to the specific job you're applying for. Also, many employers who are hiring people for green jobs don't advertise or look for green skills or green knowledge areas. Employers are looking for people with the skills to do the job, whether green or not. If you have specialized skills or knowledge that you think apply to a green job, don't rely on general labels like "green" or "earth-friendly." Instead, make the case that your skills match the requirements of the job you're applying for.  For a job that helps the environment highlight any green-related training or volunteer experience that you’ve completed including green certifications.

Get more help developing your resume.

How to Find Green Job Openings

Searching for green jobs online? Some green jobs are so new that they don't yet have well-known job titles. In fact, two employers might use completely different titles to describe the same basic job duties. So how can you make sure your keyword search is working for you?

  • Consider searching only green job banks.
  • Use job title examples from career profiles on this site to make sure you're trying all the angles. Each profile lists alternate jobs titles that can help you in your job search. For example, an environmental planner might also be called environmental restoration planner, planner principal, ecologist, environmental scientist, or project planner.
  • Search for tools and technology terms, rather than a job title, to find green jobs. For example, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) are two very common tools used in green jobs. This may yield many non-green jobs, but searching this way means you don't need to know the exact job title to get results. You can find tools and technology terms in the career profiles on this site.
  • Search on common green certifications, such as LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP), LEED Green Associate (LEED GA), or Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM). Even if you don't have these credentials, using them as keywords will narrow your results to jobs that prefer or require them, which can help you learn more about your future options or find relevant training.
  • Use green job keywords.  Some common keywords for different types of green jobs are listed below.
    • Environmental Conservation: ecology, conservation, natural resource, or air quality, water quality, water resource, environmental restoration, wetland/stream restoration, watershed
    • Recycling & Pollution Reduction: recycling, remediation, pollution, brownfield, water treatment, wastewater, EHS, environmental compliance, environmental impact, waste disposal
    • Green Manufacturing: lean manufacturing, sustainable, building automation, energy management, smart grid, waste minimization, reduction
    • Renewable Energy Generation: geothermal, solar, wind power, ethanol, alternative fuel, renewable energy, biofuels, biomass, hybrid vehicle
    • Building-related Energy Efficiency: LEED, energy efficient, smart grid, energy management, energy conservation, green building, energy performance, sustainable design, HVAC, energy saving, boiler maintenance, insulation
  • Try networking to find green opportunities.

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