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Green Careers in Minnesota

What is Green?

There's been a lot of talk about "green jobs" during the past few years, but what exactly is a green job

Green jobs are those that have a direct or essential impact on a product, service, or process that results in environmental benefits.

A direct or essential impact means that the job duties are very closely related to the product, service, or process itself.  Green workers help make the product, provide the service, market a product, or facilitate a process.  Workers who support the business (like an administrative assistant) or "go green" at work (like recycling office paper) aren't included in the definition of a green job.

Green Careers
Learn about types of green careers in Minnesota.  Watch green career videos and explore green career paths.  Learn about Minnesota green industries.  


Green Education
Find green training options and explore the knowledge and tools needed for a career in green. 


Green Jobs
Find green employers, learn about starting your own green business and meet other green entrepreneurs.  Find tips to green your resume and learn how to find green job openings.