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Cultural Services for Immigrants and Refugees

Minnesota provides many resources to help newcomers to America adjust to life in here.

Below is a list of services that encourage immigrant and refugee participation. Many provide translation and interpreter services.

African Services

  • African Development Center (ADC)
    Provides support to African-owned businesses. Offers financial literacy education to Africans living in Minnesota. Seeks out new opportunities in home ownership for African immigrants.

Asian Services

  • Hmong American Partnership (HAP)
    Helps Hmong adults with computer and English language skills. Helps them find and maintain jobs. Works to prevent the involvement of Hmong youth in drugs and crime, while helping to improve their academic achievement. It helps Hmong parents understand and adapt to U.S. parenting systems. It also supports the elders who experience loneliness and loss of purpose in their resettlement in the United States.
  • Hmong Cultural Center
    Promotes the personal development of children, youth, and adults in the Twin Cities through Hmong cultural education. Provides resources that enhance cross-cultural understanding.
  • Karen Organization of Minnesota
    Provides support for Karen refugees in Minnesota. This includes social services, employment counseling, and outreach services.
  • Vietnamese Social Services of Minnesota
    Dedicated to maintaining the identity of the Minnesota Vietnamese community. Addresses the basic economic, educational, and health needs of refugees and immigrants statewide.

Latino Services

  • Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio (CLUES) - Latino Resource Center
    Recognized as a leading source of culturally-specific materials for the Spanish-speaking community. Works to prevent alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs abuse in the Hispanic community. The center is located in Minneapolis and St. Paul. It has certified staff in the drug prevention field.
  • Minnesota Council on Latino Affairs
    Advises the governor and the state legislature on the issues of importance to Minnesota's Chicano Latino community. Serves as an information and referral agency for Chicano Latinos to connect to government agencies and community-based organizations to address their concerns, which range from immigration and education to discrimination and social welfare.

Multi-Cultural Services

  • Center for Victims of Torture (CVT)
    Helps torture survivors regain control over their lives and heal from symptoms of torture, which may include mild to severe physical, mental, and spiritual suffering. Each survivor works with a team of care providers including doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, massage therapists, and physical therapists.
  • Centre for Asians and Pacific Islanders (CAPI)
    Assists Southeast Asian and East African immigrants and refugees in becoming self-sufficient and contributing members of the community. The agency's employees collectively speak 10 languages and offer services from several Minneapolis locations.
  • Hennepin County Office of Multi-Cultural Services
    Connects immigrants and refugees to resources and services in 32 languages offered by the county and community partners. Includes information about the Hennepin County cultural speakers' bureau which informs county workers about the ways culture affects the daily lives of their clients.
  • International Institute of Minnesota
    Provides a center for information, develops fellowship, promotes the welfare of foreign-born populations and their families, and preserves and stimulates intercultural values.
  • Jewish Family Service of St. Paul
    Provides services for the unemployed and underemployed. Also provides services to adults, families, and children needing better coping skills and to refugees and frail elder. Major programs include counseling, a vocational improvement program, senior services, resettlement services, and bilingual information and referral.
  • Minnesota Council of Churches
    Provides programs for refugees. These include housing, employment services, assistance with citizenship, and education.