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IT Education

Which skills do you need in IT? What are your IT education options?

The path to a successful Information Technology career begins with careful planning and informed decision making. Base your education goals on research you've done to understand the skills you need for an IT career and the education options available.


IT Skills & Competencies

It takes more than great technical skills to succeed in IT. Build your success by gaining the right competencies and skill sets.

How can technically brilliant people hit a dead end in their career?

Sometimes it's because they lack foundational skills we all need to function in the workplace. The IT Competency Model helps businesses, workers and students better understand what makes a competent IT worker.

What Is a Competency Model?

A competency model is a collection of skills, knowledge, abilities, and other personal characteristics. Together, they enable successful performance in a particular job. Competency models are used in human resources for recruitment and hiring, training and development, and performance management.

Why Is a Competency Model Important to Me?

Competency models are developed by industry leaders. They outline the expectations businesses have for their workers. As a student, job seeker or career changer, you should review competency models as part of your career exploration. They will help you to understand the soft and technical skills and knowledge a worker is expected to have in that particular industry.

Take a look at the IT Competency Model.

The Model may appear complicated at first. But it will enable you to make better decisions about building the skills needed for your IT career. This interactive version links to competency block definitions and occupational competency profiles.

What IT Employers Are Really Looking For

Minnesota IT Employers Speak from various regions of the state. They reveal what they are looking for in their new hires and current workforce, the skills and experience employers need but are not finding, and how educational institutions can help to address these gaps. Employers' spoken quotes are organized into general themes and issues.

Find out Why Skills Are Important, and how to gain or improve your skills.


IT Training at Minnesota State

There are a variety of ways to develop the competencies outlined in the Competency Model. The skills you need can be gained by enrolling in one of the many high-demand programs at Minnesota State.

Available programs related to Information Technology offer certificates, associate's, bachelor's, and graduate degrees that match employers' needs.

Stackable Credentials:

If you want a long-term career in IT, and aim to advance into leadership and management roles, make sure that the credential you earn is "stackable." A stackable credential will count towards earning a higher degree at a later date. This is very important if you can only complete a one- or two-year degree for now. For example, an associate's degree often counts towards the first two years of a four-year bachelor's degree. Not all certificates, diplomas, and degrees are stackable. Before you enroll, make sure the credential you are earning will stack by checking the admissions requirements and transfer policies of the school that offers the next degree you want.

Locate IT options at Minnesota State.

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