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Manufacturing Education

Do you know where to start your education in manufacturing?

Think about the skills and competencies employers are looking for. Learn about manufacturing training options and how to pay for them.  Find links to manufacturing resources for youth and educators.

Skills Employers are Looking For

Employers Speak

Minnesota Manufacturing Employers Speak from various regions of the state. They reveal what they are looking for in their new hires and current workforce, the skills and experience employers need but are not finding, and how educational institutions can help to address these gaps. Employers' spoken quotes are organized into general themes and issues.

Competency Models

A competency is the ability to apply related knowledge and skills to perform critical work functions or tasks.  A competency model is a collection of competencies that can help you understand what essential skills are involved in an occupation.

Research manufacturing competency models to learn which skills successful workers have.

Get Training in Manufacturing

Get Started

Do you know if you're interested in Engineering, Boilermaking, or Precision Metal Working?  Research majors in manufacturing to find a list of majors to choose from.  For each major, you can learn about the types of degrees offered, research related careers, find which schools offer programs, and investigate what type of college preparation is needed.

Get Enrolled

Minnesota State offers a variety of manufacturing programs, short-term training programs, and courses. You can find both online and in-person options. Search for training.

Get Certified

Certifications are credentials showing that you have mastered a specific skill or technology.  Having a certification can make you more competitive in the job market.  The CareerOneStop Certification Finder will help you find certifications for manufacturing occupations.  Select Production in the List of Occupations to pick from manufacturing occupations.

Other Training Options

If you'd rather learn on the job, consider an apprenticeship as a way to start a rewarding career.  You'll get paid while you work and have marketable skills when you graduate.  Find apprenticeships in manufacturing.

Pay for Training

Skill Up: How to Pay for Training
Regardless of the type of career you are interested in, there are many different resources to help you pay for training.  You can also find support services to help you and your family with child care, food, and more.


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