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Find a Job in Manufacturing

You can make your job search more effective by researching the job market.

Search Salaries

Know what employers pay.

  • Use the Salary Search to find wages for manufacturing occupations. Select the occupation category Production and enter a ZIP code or region to preview salaries for manufacturing occupations.
  • You can also find wages for recent graduates on the Graduate Employment Outcomes (GEO) tool.

Job Vacancy Survey (JVS)

Twice a year the Department of Employment (DEED) conducts a survey to find job vacancies for occupations.  You can see the number of vacancies, the percent of jobs that are part-time, education and experience requirements and the median wage being offered. 

To find Job Vacancy data for manufacturing careers select Production Occupations.  You can “Change Area” to find regional information.  Find Job Vacancy data.  

Manufacturing Business Search

Use the Business Finder to find local businesses that may be hiring.

Manufacturing Job Websites

Use these job websites to search and apply for manufacturing jobs.

Business and Professional Associations


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