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Transition to Civilian Life for Veterans

Returning to civilian life after military service is different for every person. Luckily, there are resources available to help you make the transition.

Getting Help with Your Transition — Best Places to Start

Minnesota Association County Veteran Service Officers
Connects Minnesota veterans to county veteran service officers (CVSO). They can help you navigate the transition process.

Veterans Resources, CareerForce
Connect to a dedicated Veterans Employment Representative, learn about Veterans education benefits, find resources to help you find a job or start a business and more.

Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
Serves Minnesota veterans, their dependents, and survivors. It provides information about local veterans centers, regional offices, and medical centers.

Transition Support for Special Needs Audiences

Disabled Veterans
Lists programs and services that help veterans and service members with service-related disabilities.

People with Disabilities
Provides a wide collection of resources, services, and valuable links for those with disabilities.

Women Veterans
Links to resources for female veterans, including the VA's Center for Women Veterans.

Help with Benefits, Health Issues, and Relocation

Provide easy, online access to government benefit and assistance programs.

US Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits and Health Care
Allows veterans to apply for health care, disability compensation, and education benefits.

Benefits and Assistance
Government and local assistance programs that provide health care, housing, family support, financial counseling, and other services.

Obtaining Military and Civilian Records

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Obtain official copies of your military papers. This may include your separation or discharge papers (DD Form 214) or medical records.

Learn how to obtain your Verification of Military Experience and Training (VMET) records. This will help you prepare a resume or fill out applications for college or civilian vocational training.


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