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Overcoming Obstacles

In your life and career, you will find something that is blocking you from moving forward. Learn how to jump over these hurdles and meet your goals.

Think about people running in a race. They are running, and then they see something that blocks their way. They can stop running OR they can jump over the hurdle in the road and keep running.

Think about work the same way. You worked hard to find a job that you like. The company hired you and you are excited to start your career. Then you find you might have problems getting to work. Or you can't find child care. These obstacles are "hurdles" you will have to deal with to keep your job.

Look at the list below and answer the questions to make sure you can deal with each obstacle and keep working.

1. Transportation

Do you have a reliable (dependable) way to get to work?

  • Driving your car
  • Getting a ride in a car with someone
  • Riding the bus or light rail train
  • Riding a bike
  • Walking

Do you have a back-up way to get to work? How would you get to work if there is a problem with your first plan?

2. Child Care

If you need it, do you have reliable child care for the time you are at work?

  • School
  • A friend
  • Family member
  • Child care center

Do you have back-up child care? Do you have someone who can help you if your children get sick?

3. Housing

Do you have a reliable place to live?

  • An apartment
  • A house
  • Living with relatives
  • Living with a roommate

Do you have place to go if there is a problem with your housing?

Next Steps:

  • Do you have problems with transportation, child care, housing, or other things? Talk to your teacher or job coach for help.
  • Do you know the best way to handle problems? Take the Be Prepared to Take Action quiz.