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Get Your GED and Beyond

Many jobs require you to have your GED or high school diploma before applying. What do you need to do to earn your GED?

What Is a GED?

The GED is made up of four separate texts. Passing all four parts of the GED is the same as completing high school. To earn a diploma from high school, you must successfully finish four years of school. There is a lot of information to learn for the GED tests.

To earn a GED, you must pass all four tests:

  1. Reasoning Through Language Arts
  2. Social Studies
  3. Science
  4. Math

You can take each test one at a time. If you do not pass a test you can take it two more times before a waiting period is required. Once you have passed all four tests, you have earned your GED diploma.

Source: Minnesota Department of Education

Other Educational Options

There are other options available to you. Some you can do before you finish your GED. Most are education or job training options that require you to have a GED before you can start. Find out more about your education options.